Saturday, May 28, 2011

San Diego April 2011

On Friday April 4 we started our journey towards sunny Southern California. We left around 4pm and stayed the night in Cedar City with our dear friends the Halladays. They weren't home when we arrived so me made ourselves at home in their basement until they arrived around around 11:30pm. We always find a way to giggle with each other about just about anything so we Michelle and I stayed up for awhile joking around about life. It happened to be Eric's birthday that day so we surprised him with two full diapers under their pillows when they went to bed.
Sat. April 2, 2011 we got up early and had breakfast with the halladays and left for San Diego around 9am. We had the dual DVD players for the boys and a stash of Thomas the Train, Little Einsteins, and Dora and Diego videos to help pass the time. Our next stop was in Vegas for lunch. In this picture you can see our boys playing at one of the local playgrounds.

Temperatures were getting higher as we traveled south. We knew that the snow storms were hitting Utah about now so we were thrilled to be in long sleeve tees without jackets or coats and using the A/C in car for the first time this season. We spent a good hour and a half on this stop so the kids could run around and hopefully sleep during the next leg of the trip.

The boys did sleep well and we made it to Barstow where we stopped at Wal-mart for a snack, gas, and a break. We even found an old train caboose to play on. Austin loves trains so that means that Tyler loves trains.We continued to find pleasant weather along our journey.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tyler James Fish Arrives

We have welcomed our second son into our family last Wed. April 7, 2010. He has light brown hair and weighed 7 lbs 10 oz with a height of 21 in. He was delivered by C- section and mom and baby are home recooperating well.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Austin 8 months

His nickname has become "Chupie" pronounced Chu-pee. Where it came from nobody knows. Enjoy the pix.


During the past two years Audrey has been in graduate school at the U. She received her degree on May 8th where she made her mark on the stage by doing the running man dance as she received her diploma. Way to go.


We are enjoying our summer off and not too anxious for school to start. Austin is 9 months old and crawling but prefers walking with the aid of anyone that will assist him in his locomotion. Chris and I went to San Fran at the beginning of July to see the Broadway musical WICKED. It was phenomenal. We just celebrated our second anniversary yesterday. We are so happy. Most of the pics will be of our growing son. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

trip to the pumpkin patch

Austin was a couple of weeks old when we took him out on his first outing. We went to the pumpkin patch in Kaysville. I don't think Austin liked laying on the pumpkin stems.